Sawansukha Institute
of Gemology and Jewellery Design

Message From Management

Mr. Rupchand Sawansukha

Mr. Siddharthaa Sawansukha

Mrs. Niki Sawansukha

Our institute, located in the heart of Kolkata, is meant to serve all those who love jewellery and want to know more about it. Our students come from all walks of life, ranging from college goers to housewives to established professionals. We strive to cultivate talent and bridge the gap between academia and industry with practical curricula that is in tune with the industry’s needs of the day.

Supported by excellent infrastructure, the latest design software and libraries and an experienced faculty, our students master the knowledge and skills of jewellery making and evaluation. We believe in the culture of ‘fun while you learn’ for a highly professional environment and freedom of experimentation.

"Winners aren't born,they are made"